On February 29, we march to the Indian Embassy!

We are gathering at Potsdamer Platz at 1400 on Saturday, February 29 to march to the Indian Embassy.

On February 24, supporters of India’s unjust Citizenship Amendment Act attacked Muslims in Northeast Delhi, some times in full view of the Delhi Police. The attackers have been photographed using stones and hurling petrol bombs.

We must show up in large numbers to express deep solidarity with the victims and demand that the Indian government wake up and put an end to this unrelenting violence against Muslims, minorities, and protesters in India.

Sign our petition to the EU Parliament today! #EuropeAgainstCAA

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Earlier this year, the European Parliament postponed voting on a joint motion for a resolution that among other things:

  • deeply regretted the “the adoption and implementation of the CAA, which is discriminatory in nature and dangerously divisive”;
  • called on the Indian Government to address concerns raised over the NRC;
  • called for a prompt and impartial investigation into the violence and brutality in India after protests broke out against the CAA; and
  • called on the Indian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release protesters and human rights defenders currently held under arrest

Today, you can ask the Members of the European Parliament to vote on and pass this resolution.

Sign the petition now!

To learn more about the CAA, the NPR, the NRC and the protests in India, please click here.

This Republic Day, let’s sing and dance in solidarity!

For weeks now, the people of India have protested against the cruel policies of the Narendra Modi government, including its inhumane and discriminatory citizenship law. There has been an explosion of fraternal love, resistance with art and poetry, and a re-discovery of constitutional values.

Join us on India’s Republic Day to learn, share food and drink, sing and dance in solidarity with the brave protestors.

It’s a soli-party!

Start time: 1900, January 26 (Sunday)
Location: Bekech, Wedding
Programme: Short talks, music and cultural performances

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Protest rallies on January 11 and 18, 2020

We are marching to the Indian Embassy – twice!!

We marched once before from Brandenburger Tor to the Indian Embassy.

We are going to do it again.

UPDATE: Read our statement (in English and German) for our march on January 11.

Art by Vibhushita Singh

And again.

Auf Deutsch

Lasst uns gemeinsam um die Märtyrer der Proteste gegen den Citizenship Amendment Act, das National Population Register und das National Register for Citizens trauern.

Lasst uns zur indischen Botschaft demonstrieren, um gegen diese unmenschlichen Gesetze und die gewaltsamen Vergeltungsmaßnahmen gegen Muslime in Uttar Pradesh zu protestieren.

Lass uns die Aufmerksamkeit der internationalen Gemeinschaft auf folgendem steuern: die unmenschlichen Versuche der Indischen Regierung, Muslime Ihre Staatsbürgerschaftsrechte abzuschaffen, Indien in eine Hindu-Nation zu verwandeln, und gewaltsam Dissens zu unterdrücken.

Termin: 12 Uhr am 11.1.2020

Sammelpunkt: Pariser Platz / Brandenburger Tor

In English

Join us at Brandenburger Tor at 12 noon (on January 11 and on January 18) in solidarity with the victims of police brutality in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Assam, Karnataka and other parts of India!

Let’s mourn the martyrs of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, the National Population Register, and the National Register for Citizens.

Let’s march to the Indian Embassy to protest these inhumane laws and the violent reprisals against Muslims in Uttar Pradesh.

Let us direct the attention of the international community to the Indian government’s inhumane attempts to strip Indian Muslims of their citizenship rights, turn India into a Hindu state, and violently curb dissent.