Date & Time: Friday, 2nd October 2020, 18:30

Location: Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany

Even as violent crimes against minorities, oppressed castes, and women have become an everyday affair, the government of India has left no stone unturned in its suppression of dissenting voices.

The country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have dedicated themselves in support of the idea that Hindu men of the dominant castes, Brahmins being the most dominant, are entitled to reign over the country’s minorities. Human rights, constitutionally-protected rights, social justice, and legislative procedure have been but minor inconveniences, readily swatted away in pursuit of these political goals.

The country’s marginal farmers, students, workers, OBCs, Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims, womxn, trans people, other minorities and the colonised state of Kashmir and it’s people have been sacrificed at the altar. On October 2, we gather in solidarity with the victims and survivors and stand against the upholders of Hindutva and Hinduism/Brahminism.


Why did we protest almost non-stop between December 2019 and April 2020?
Watch this video in Deutsch:
Or read this English explainer

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